With over twenty years in the aquarium industry, Indoor Oceans offers a variety of services:  installation and creation of marine aquariums, reef systems and Nano reefs with hi-tech state of the art equipment as well as ecosystems and refugiums.  We also provide your aquatic environment with high end skimmers, calcium reactors, chillers and ultraviolet sterilizers for the more advanced aquarist.  Additionally, Indoor Oceans only offers the highest quality materials and finest craftsmanship.  We guarantee to enhance your home, office, or restaurant surroundings with the natural beauty of the oceans most exotic fish, colorful creatures and corals from all parts of the world.

While providing museum quality workmanship, expert technicians, excellent service and a complete range of livestock and supplies, we will create a marine environment to enhance every décor

We offer:

  • Nano Reefs and Larger Reef Systems
  • Salt & Fresh Water Systems
  • Coral Cultivation
  • High Quality Live Rock
  • Creation of our own
    Live Rock
  • Pond work
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Service 24/7

For immediate information:
Contact Bruce @ 561-809-5252 or via email: